24 Month/24,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty

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For over 50 years customers throughout North Dallas, TX have turned to Rallye Auto Service for all their auto repair and tire needs. At Rallye Auto Service, we pride ourselves on being a full-service auto repair shop, which delivers professional services and repairs.


Our fully certified and tested expert mechanics will carry out any vehicle repairs quickly and efficiently. From preventative maintenance, general auto repairs, tire sales, engine diagnostics we do it all. That's right, everything you need for your vehicle is available at our North Dallas, TX garage. With Rallye Auto Service, you will never need another auto repair shop again.


From a very young age, Scott Ekblad, the owner of Rallye Auto Service, always had a passion for cars and their inner working. And true to himself, Scott chose to pursue a career in the automotive industry when he became of age.


In his early years, Scott Ekblad worked in service stations through high school and college where he refined the basics of automotive repairs while stockpiling on the much-needed experience which he would later use in fixing cars when he later became a mechanic.


In 1970, Scott was appointed as the manager of his father-in-law's Mobil gas station. Here he also worked as a dealer through to the late 80s. However, after all these years, his dream of owning an auto repair shop never flattered. For this reason, Scott sold the Mobil gas station to raise enough capital for his auto repair shop.


As a result, Rallye Auto Service was born in 1987. He later brought on his son, Scotty, another car enthusiast, and a father-son shop was formed.


Throughout the years, the two have worked tirelessly to bring the auto repair shop to the respectable business it is today. What started as a simple dream for Scott has now turned into the go-to auto repair and brake repair shop for residents of Dallas, TX.


This father-son management, through advancements in technology and a thorough hiring process, has managed to turn this old garage into a state-of-the-art auto repair shop that can handle all auto repair needs


So, if you are looking for quality auto repair and brake repair services in Dallas, TX, contact us today.


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