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Automotive Maintenance, Repair & Services

Rallye is a full service auto repair shop. We service all vehicle makes and models. No matter what your car is doing (or not doing), if you bring it in, we can fix it. With over 140 years of combined experience, there isn’t a problem we haven’t run across.

Diagnose and Repair Check Engine Lights

Technician using diagnostic tool | Rallye Auto Service

When your Check Engine light pops up on the dash, it can be a little scary. The first time you see it, you think your engine is going to quit on the spot - which isn’t generally the case. But, there are some people who drive around with those lights on for months, which isn’t good, either. The Check Engine light appears when the car’s internal computer has sensed that the engine isn’t running perfectly. Today’s cars are very intricate machines. When something is off, it can affect the car in many different ways. A Check Engine light should be dealt with promptly. Correctly diagnosed and addressed, this little light can tell us how to fix your car so you get better gas mileage and lengthen your engine life. Rallye technicians have the necessary tools and expertise to quickly diagnose and handle Check Engine lights.

OEM Scheduled Maintenance

Oil change | Rallye Auto Service

Nearly every car make and model made today has the potential to last its owner a very long time and for many miles down the road. When you think about the amount of time the car is on the road, and how much force and stress are in play to make it work, it’s amazing that your car doesn’t require more repairs than it does. An important part of not having unexpected breakdowns and bank-busting repair bills is performing the manufacturer-recommended maintenance. Rallye technicians know the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for your car, and can recommend and quickly do the required steps, ensuring that your car enjoys a long life and a high trade-in value.