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"I have taken my car to Rallye in Richardson several times. The cost has always been what was quoted or less and the service has been excellent. Scotty is very courteous and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them!"

—Gary G.

"Absolutely the best. This shop is owned by a father/son duo - Scott Sr and Jr.

This is where you go when you want value, quality of work and trustworthiness to all be a part of the equation. I've found many shops that provide two of the above qualities, but not all three. These guys will tell you from their perspective (as if the car belonged to them), as to if a repair should be done. For instance, another shop told me that an item on my car needed to be replaced (I was only at that shop due to having a coupon for a service), but when I took it to Rallye for a second opinion, they agreed that the part wasn't at 100%, but that it still had about 40% life remaining, and that they wouldn't replace it on their own vehicle until about another 5,000 miles. That is the kind of honesty I want.

Rallye doesn't have a showroom or street-facing facade that a person leaves and hopes other folks see him leaving. It's not that kind of place. So if you like leaving Classic BMW, feeling good about your free latte and how your butt just spent 30 minutes sitting on a leather chair, then Rallye might not be for you, but if you like leaving a shop with money in your pocket and a confidence that only what needed to be done was done, and that it was done well, then Rallye is for you (I have a BMW, and both owners own BMWs, so it's a good spot for BMW repairs).

—Jordan D.

"Based upon a recommendation took my 2001 VW Passat to Rallye - fantastic service. The timing belt needed to be changed, and Scott put together a bid for me and made several suggestions for additional services. The Rallye bid was $300 cheaper then the dealership, but also included additional parts/service that the dealer did not. The service took a little longer than expected, but the car came back in perfect working order. Scott also worked hard at getting quality parts at the best price. I will never take my car back to the dealer."

—Ken K.

"Never never never NEVER pay what the dealer will charge you. Rallye will shoot you straight, even if it means recommending someone else for the job, as they did with some body work I needed done. They are friendly, affordable and do great work."

—Billy M.